Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun With Friends

The kids had off for the MLK holiday and we met some friends at Chuck E. Cheese. We had a blast!

Jody and Elly were the only two of our group that sat still long enough for a photo!

On January 25, the Chinese School held a (Chinese) New Year party. Here are some of the Kindergardeners performing...our K girl refused to go on stage. So unlike the singer in the family!

Here's C. with the First Graders: great job! After all the performances were done, it was time to eat. We love our Chinese dishes...

A birthday and the zoo

Oops! Looks like I neglected this blog for a month! Sorry!

Getting assistance with the candles from my two best helpers:

Went to the zoo one Sunday afternoon to see the Winter animals get some treats:

Watching yaks destroy their treat: discarded Christmas trees.

A beautiful Bald Eagle looking regal on this cold day: