Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Future Spartans

On Sunday mornings, C. and E. attend the MSU Chinese School in East Lansing. It has been a smooth transition to Mandarin again. It's a very impressive program.

Before class - outside of Bessey Hall - alongside the banks of the Red Cedar. Maybe in 12 years or so more photos will be taken during dorm move-in day! (If not here, I'll settle for another Big 10 University!)

Waiting for class to begin: E. is in the K level and C. attends the first level.

Gymnastics and Soccer

are the two activites that keep us busy on Fall Saturdays:

Coach Gustavo preparing team Galaxy for the opening game:

The Big Day - September 2

We were all excited on this first day of school! (Although C. looks like he's not so sure about it.)

To the bus stop: (C. is still not quite sure...) and Elena couldn't stop smiling.

Waiting with Papi: The bus comes early - at 6:45 am and it's still dark.

Our baby happily going off into the big, bad world...alone!

Enjoying our first morning of freedom in a long time! It was almost as if we were at Salvador's in Kunming once again...

Final Days of Summer Vacation

On one of the remaining vacation days we visited Impression 5 Science Museum in Lansing:

Shortly after this picture was taken, I dropped the camera! Arrggh!! Turned out to be quite an expensive fieldtrip!